G Series single phase inverter (Floor-standing design)

Product Features

Toroidal transformer, low self-consumption

Wide input voltage range and high-precision output

Three working modes: AC priority, DC priority, ECO mode

Settings for battery type, charging voltage and current are available

Power frequency design, pure sine wave, suitable for various types of loads

Protection: Battery over / low voltage, overload, short circuit, over- temp. and etc;

Lightning arrester (optional)

Unattended function (optional);

Built in PWM controller(Optional)

G series inverter is a high-performance, high-tech power supply equipment independently designed by Psmart. Highly digital management, energy saving and high efficiency. To solve the problem of power consumption in the areas with bad power environment.

Installation sites


G series wiring diagram.jpg

LCD+LED display
Power Range: 500w-1kw 
Battery voltage: 12/24vdc 
Output voltage:100/110/120/220/230/240Vac(Single phase)
Wifi module monitor(Option)

G series Specs.jpg