Apollo series 1 phase IGBT solar power inverter

Product Features

IGBT design, pure sine wave

MCU, SPWM control technology

Unattended function, auto-swtiching

Strong overload and impact resistance

High efficiency, low noise, ECO friendly

Communication: USB/SNMP/GSM SMS

Unique dynamic current loop control technology

Stable performance, safe and reliable, long lifespan

Resistive /inductive /capacitive load or mixed load are compatible

Protection: Input low/over voltage, output low/over voltage, overload, short circuit, over- temp. and etc

Apollo series solar inverter is a high-performance, high-tech power supply equipment independently designed by Psmart. Highly digital management, energy saving and high efficiency. To solve the problem of power consumption in the areas with bad power environment.

Installation sites


Apollo series wiring diagram.jpg

3.5-inch touch control screen
Power Range: 10-30kw 
Battery voltage: 96/192/360vdc 
Output voltage: 100/110/120/220/230/240Vac(Single phase)
MPPT SCC: 50/60/100/120A
Max PV input: 96vdc: 145-230Voc ; 192vdc: 260-400Voc
Wifi module monitor(Option)

Apollo series Specs.jpg